Wednesday, March 15, 2017

When I was out to dinner this weekend, I had calamari with creamy sauce. This is my favorite appetizer whenever I go out to eat and everything tasted fresh and the spices added a lot of flavor.

My grandma came over with these homemade cinnamon rolls and they tasted warm and creamy. The flavors bursted out during each bite and I was appreciative that she brought them over.

My little sister tortured me with a McDonald's meal. She brought home some chicken mcnuggets and fresh hot fries. This used to be my fav cheat meal but since I'm on a diet I can't have it and I was really mad at her.

These Clancy's pretzel slims are a great treat with some juice. Sounds like a weird combination, but it's awesome. They are low in calories which is good too.

Swedish meatballs and pasta is a frozen dinner meal I eat when there is nothing left in the house. The warm sweet sauce with noodles is good plus the flavorful meatballs adds a nice texture.

Stouffer's mac and cheese is my favorite cheat meal. The ooey and gooey cheese topped on the warm elbow macaroni melts in your mouth. I could eat a huge bowl of this without a doubt.

My favorite cereal is Special K. Although it's not super flavorful, the dried strawberries inside taste great. I used almond milk inside which made it taste very sweet and delicious. I like waking up to this on the weekends.